Didim, home of the antique city of Didyma with its ruined Temple of Apollo, is a small town, popular seaside holiday resort and district of Aydın Province on the Aegean coast of western Turkey, 123 km (76 mi) from the city of Aydın.

This coast has thus become a very popular holiday resort and is genuinely attractive with its long sandy beaches, clear blue sea, ancient ruins to visit, and its own microclimate, benefiting from hundreds of days of sun a year and warm winters, allowing residents to enjoy the famous beaches and water sports even in January. Perhaps the most attractive bays are the smaller quieter ones further from the centre, such as Haydar, along a dirt road around the shore of Akbuk (white bay). The village of Akbuk is one of Didim's classiest, and has a yacht marina.

As Didim is so well-situated, in the 1980s people from large cities around Turkey, especially Ankara, began to buy holiday homes, apartments, and villas in the area. Most of these were built as cooperative housing projects with private beaches. The attraction of the area is proved by the number of Ankara families that have now been going to Didim for two or more generations, and even today you will see many cars with Ankara (06) number plates in Didim in summertime. Property values are now rising dramatically and the building boom continues as foreign buyers, especially the families of Turks living and working in Europe, follow their lead. The growth of Didim in the 1980s was enhanced with the building of hotels to accommodate visitors, originally from Britain but now from Turkey itself, on cheap package holidays. Since about 2001 British people have begun to buy holiday homes in Didim, establishing themselves as a visible community of many thousands, to the extent that utility bills in the district are now printed in English as well as Turkish. You will see the Union Jack and other British flags all around Didim, especially in the bars.

Didim town has hotels, a weekly market, a water park, a new marina and the antique temple of Apollo nearby. Didim is also close to a number of other ancient towns and natural wonders: BafaLake national park is nearby, along with the BuyukMenderesRiver and historic sites such as Miletos and Prienne.

In the evenings most people try to find somewhere quiet to sit by the sea and look at the lights of other towns across the water, but if you are of a more energetic nature Didim has many discotheques, and a number of smaller bars and clubs, some with live music, mostly Turku (Turkish folk music).

The new fifty million dollar Didim Marina (D-Marin Didim) was constructed by Doguş Group and became operational in 2009 with berths for 8m to 50m boats, 400-ton boat lift, dry docks, hangars, maintenance yard, yacht club, shopping mall, restaurants and visitor facilities. The new marina is expected to encourage further tourism and rising property prices in the area.


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