The Temple of Apollo is probably the most popular attraction to visit in Didim and was built several times in history and never given a chance to be completed.
It is rare to see an open-air temple but because of its huge width and length it was even hard for master of Greeks. There used to be 122 columns in two rows which surrounded the temple in a length of 60 metres.
Predictions at Didim were made by a prophetess who had fasted and purified herself. The method was by looking at sacred springs at the inner part of the temple and inhaling vapour rising from it. The words of prophetess were then uttered in a state of delirium and noted by the priest. 
The Temple of Apollo is known as one of the finest temples ever built in history – it is waiting for you to visit.
Miletos was an ancient city on the western coast of Anatolia (which is now Aydin Province), near the mouth of the Marander River in Caria. Before the Persian invasion Miletos was considered the greatest and wealthiest of Greek cities.
Miletos was the foremost city in producing great personalities. Thales was born here in 640BC. The natural philosophers, the famous geographer Heratios, the town planning architects Hippodomos and Isidoro and one of the designers of St Sophia in Istanbul were all from Miletos.  
Prienne was an ancient Greek city of Ionia at the base of an escarpment of Mycale, about 6 kilometres north of the then Maeander River. It was formerly on the sea coast, built overlooking the ocean on steep slopes and terraces extending from sea level to a height of 380 metres above sea level at the top of the escarpment. Today, after several centuries of changes in the landscape, it is an inland site.
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